Cm to Foot Height Converter

Are you looking for a centimeter to foot online calculator? Or do you want to know how many cm in a foot? If yes, you are already in the right place of a cm to foot calculator. This centimeter to foot and inches tool saves your time and energy by yielding the best and an exact result. Generally cm to foot online converters use a formal calculation where one cm equals 0.0328 foot where as in cm to foot inch converter, One cm equals 0 foot 0.3937 inches.


Centimeters to Foot (cm to foot)

1 cm = 0.0328 foot

Centimeters to Foot and Inches (cm to ft and inches)

1 cm = 0 foot, 0.3937 inches

(rounded to 4 digits)

How many cm in a foot?

  • The base formula for foot to cm online converter: Foot * 30.48
  • We’re going to calculate for one foot to cm, (i.e.) foot=1
  • Now, foot = 1 * 30.48;
  • Now the foot becomes 30.48 (i.e.) 1 foot = 30.48
  • Hence, cm in a foot (i.e) foot = 30.48.

CM to Foot Formula or cm to ft formula

foot = cm / 30.48

cm = 1

foot = 1 / 30.48

foot = 0.03280839895

How many foot in a cm?

  • Step 1: Before starting to convert cm to foot online, know the base formula as below: Foot = 1cm/30.48. In other words, a foot equals one divided by the value of 30.48.
  • Step 2: Now, perform a division where one cm divided by 30.48.
  • Step 3: On dividing, it equals 0.03280839895.
  • Step 4: The answer in cm = 0.03280839895 foot.
  • Step 5: Hence the conversion of cm in a foot is mathematically proved.

How to convert cm to foot?

  1. First, remember that a foot equals a cm divided by a value of 30.48
  2. Then, divide 1cm by the value of 30.48.
  3. Then you got, 1cm/30.48 is equal to 0.03280839895
  4. Hence, 1cm = 0.032808ft is found.

How to convert cm to foot and inches?

  1. First, inches is equal to the centimeter divided by the value of 2.54.
  2. Then, calculate the floor value of inches by dividing it by 12.
  3. Then minus the total value of inches with 12 and multiply it with 1ft.
  4. Hence, 1cm = 0 Feet, 0.3937 Inches is shown now.